Welcome to Tennessee State Ultimate Shortybulls!!!

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TSU Shorty Bulls is a small Kennel located in Nashville, TN, where we strive to create the ultimate shorty bull.  We have acquired some of the best blood available to help us achieve a very distinct look and attitude of what we feel best represents the ultimate shorty bull. 

The Shorty Bull is a composite bulldog with classic bulldog features.  They are all around healthy bulldogs with a stable temperament in a small, fun sized package. Shorty Bulls are thought to be the healthier alternative to the English and French Bulldog and are adaptable to the outside and inside environment.  These athletic bulldogs are eager to please and make excellent pets.  We are excited in helping this young breed move forward with our ultimate Shorty Bulls.

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Height: 15" at the withers and under

Weight: 40 lbs. and under

Head: Round head with typical bulldog features.  Eyes far apart and not protruding.  Jaw should be curved not straight.  Nose should be turned up slightly and black or liver colored.  Dudley noses are a cosmetic fault

Bite: Undershot, but not excessively undershot

Ears: Cropped

Body: Body should be short from withers to tail.  Chest should be broad for height and have a depth reaching the elbow.  A compact look is desired, width of front and hind quarters should be proportionate, not lending to a narrow rear.  The chest may be broader than the rear, but narrow hindquarters are a fault

Shoulders and Rump: Well rounded and well muscled, lending to the appearance of strength.  There may be a slight rise over the loins but not to an extreme degree.

Legs: Heavy boned and in direct proportion to the body.  Long legs in proportion to the body  or fine bones are a serious fault.  Cow hocks and pigeon toes are a fault.

Feet: Tight feet and straight pasterns are desired.  Splayed feet and weak pasterns are a fault.

Tail: Tail must be short, either docked or screwed. 

Color:  All coat colors are acceptable with the exception of black and tan and merle.

Temperament: Good natured and even tempered.  Extreme shyness or undue aggression is a fault.